Saturday, April 24, 2004

this is my first blog post, so please forgive me... please please please

so, thursday night was snow patrol and last night was the frames and damien rice... tomorrow is the frames and damo round #2... am i officially irish yet? annnnnnd now i'm pretty sure i'm going to irishland in july to go to witness(now "oxegen") and i'll be there with lovely nially and his irish friends... so i definitely think i'll be an honourary irish kid soon enough... especially after they all see me drink guinness... oh yes, oh yes... and i won't mention the story about out-drinking a certain irish boy whist in a bar in a certain favourite city... cuz that certain irish boy would get mighty cross with me... and i would hate for that to happen ;)

on a non-uk related subject... i think i'm going to put playing cards in the spokes of my bike... like how when you were little you'd put baseball cards and stuff, but playing cards... to further my nerdiness, which is always a priority ;)

right then.. i suppose that is good enough for now, yeah? i'll write more after tomorrow night... maybe then there will be heaps to write about... like my love affair in the tour bus with glen hansard ;) uh huh.. i'll keep hoping... ta!

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